Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Eufora Beautifying Elixirs - For Blonds


Hey, ladies happy new year! Hope everyone's holidays were great and full of love. This is way overdue everytime I used this just reminded me I needed to do a post on it because it's a wonderful product but always forgot to lol. I've been blonde now for some time and actually got my hair professionally done and the salon stylest recommend me this and I personally love it! I can't wait to finish all my shampoo's because I think I may try their shampoo line because this is such a great product especially if your blonde.  Got this recommended from my stylist because I had some breakage from bleaching my hair before I dyed it pink, he said that this will help in between going to see him get my roots touched up and balance my color out again. As far as this being Cruelty-Free it's been pending on LH for those who use that faithfully so I will have more update when I hear anything from them myself to read it off of LH. Looking for a product to help your blond locks out, then you should pick up this stuff it will truely change your game ! 


- Use a small amount as a large pea 
- Very pigment with deep purple almost black in color  
- I personly work it into my hair,  personally let it sit when I'm shaving my legs or exfoliating my body, but don't let it sit for too long because it will start turning your hair silver. I time it before 4-6 min on my hair before I wash it out well. 
- I use it once a week it last about 3-5  days in your hair before doing to treatment over again. 
- Works very well with my purple shampoo ( AG- Silver Lights ) 
- Leaves your hair silky smooth and soft, definitely can notice a difference in my hair. 
- Smells amazing slightly tropical 
- You get a lot of product good size tube ( 148ml or 5floz)
- If you have blond in your hair or did a drastic hair color change like I did you should look into this because it has saved my hair very moisturizing.


- Can be pricy depending on your salon you go to and if they carry it, it was $21 CAN for this tube/ but keep in mind that it's a treatment and not an everyday thing. 

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