Saturday, 25 August 2018

My before and after Invisalign


Well, I can't believe I'm here but I'm done with my Invisalign treatment well at least my 23 trays at least. After being done with the first 23, I went go more scans done. Invisalign wasn't happy how my teeth were because my teeth moved so fast with not having my trays for about a week before trying to fit for my liners ( retainer ). They shifted so much that after I got all my buttons off and all my teeth smoothed down, I needed more buttons on and another additional 14 trays. We are starting with 12 trays to see where we are after just in case I can stop after the 12. I'm doing these new trays what they call the refinement stages ( the fine tweaking after your main treatment, to get your teeth the best they can be within your treatment). So right now I'm in refinement stages and I'm switching out my trays every 5 days. 

One thing I did notice with these set of trays that are different from my past 23 was that they feel lighter and not as bulky on my teeth. I don't have as many buttons on my teeth, they are different spots than the last set. I even got a new set of chewies that I have to chew one 3x a day to help my teeth move. I like them better than the little white ones I got prior they are also easier to keep clean. 

So down below I put my before treatment and after my 23 trays, I hope you enjoy my little series !!!

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