Saturday, 21 July 2018

Kiss My Face - Body wash in Lavender and lily


In the summer and to be honest, all year round, my Mom and I have an issue with having dry skin.  We have been bouncing back and forth with body washes for a while now trying to find one that will work and not make our skin worse within a few days. Some work for a couple of weeks and then you start to get the scaly skin around week 2, just want to find something that works. Think we found one that actually works well on our skin and doesn't dry out our skin. So on a whim, we decided to try out Kiss My Face body wash because I love their shaving cream and why not at this point we had nothing to lose. This stuff is so moisturizing and leaves your skin silky smooth even after the first week, don't have a scaly feeling even with lotion it holds the moisturizer very well.

- lathers up quite well even with a puff 
- smells alright  ( I don't like lavender at all)
- 473 ml of product, you get a good sized amount 
- Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly 
- paraben free & phthalate free
- no artificial fragrances
-  gluten-free ingredients   

- Nothing I love this body wash

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