Monday, 11 June 2018

Birthday Haul ... I know past over due


This is so over due it's not funny I'm posting this now but my birthday was in April, just been so busy and I'm going to try to get on my content a little more better.

 This year it was between Glamglow and BITE beauty products I know that Glamglow isn't CF but it was the one thing I didn't already own. They are small testers so 1-2 times the product would be finished anyway, also never really tried Glamglow and wanted to know what all the hype was. Also when I was in Sephora I got my next foundation which is the new Cover-FX  power play one ( I'm shade N20). Took me tones of samples and color matching to see which one was the best match from me, I think I tried 4 different ones and I got a sample of the Power Play twice to really make sure I liked it. It so happens on the other side across from Cover-FX is the IT Cosmetics which is brand new to our store, checking out their products was a bad idea. So found that they make a makeup cleansing balm kinda similar to Cliniques that everyone seemed to like a lot. So I hope it works as good as the oils and balms I've tried before going CF. Expect full reviews on these 2 products, later on, the thing I'm not proud of is the Glamglow thing but I'll try it and then if I don't like it it's going to a friend.

Have you tried any of these products before? or what others IT products have you used and loved?

So with that saying, I've been using these products now for 2 months and I absolutely love them. The foundation is a great one and comes in a great shade range. I still find out what works with it and doesn't but think I figured it out for the most part at least.

The IT bye bye make up is OMG where have you been all of my life, it makes taking out my makeup off so much easier and nicer than scrubbing at my face, making sure I have everything off.

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