Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Avalon Organics - Shampoos'


When it came to Cruelty-Free I had to look into my shampoo's, which was the easy part but then I remembered I used a dandruff shampoo to help my flakey head/scalp so I had to look at alternatives to my past shampoo. I went to the internet for some help and they all recommended Avalon dandruff shampoo and so glad they did because it's awesome. Then fell in love with that stuff and saw one day their shampoos were on sale so I picked up another one. So down below I broke each shampoo down for you guys! Have you used any other products from them if so leave me a comment !! 

Medicated Anti- Dandruff Shampoo 2% salicylic acid:  First off I was very skeptic on how well this would work compared to old Head & Shoulders before switching to Cruelty-free products. Let me tell you this works better and is much nicer on your hair and everything else as well.  This stuff I find works better on your skelp and doesn't dry out your hair like H&S use to do for me. If you have treated hair or over-processed hair, H&S isn't the greatest and actually can make color fade a lot faster. Found this stuff very nourishing to my hair and my hair is soft and shiny healthy looking. Within the few months of using it twice a week on my hair and focusing it on my skelp and letting it sit for the 2-3 min in the shower, really started to notice a difference in the first month. When I used H&S for the same amount of time never really notice a difference in my skelp. 

No harsh Sulfates *  
No synthetic fragrances or colors
Parabens, Phthalates Free
Vegan/ Cruelty-Free 
Certified Organic 
14 oz (414 ml)

Side Note: The list above covers all their product line.

* Contains no ethoxylate-based or purified sulfates known to have high skin irritation potential

Rosemary Volume Shampoo: This stuff as far as volumizing without weighing my thin hair down or make it look greasy.  This is the right stuff for you! I love it and even compared to my volume salon shampoo this stuff is so light but giving me the lift and body I like just like my salon shampoo. My hair feels super soft and looks healthy and has that nice clean feeling to it for a while. One thing I do like about both of these products is you don't need a lot to get the job done, I use a size of a toonie and that works just great for me mind you I'm petite with a little head.

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