Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Invisalign story # 5


Wow, can't believe I'm writing this because I'm on 19,20,21 of my trays and my final number is 23. They have said that I will not have to go into too many trays after ( refinement stage) they approximately said between 24-28 trays after so here is hoping! They will have to scan my teeth after my last tray and see where I am and we will go from there. So with these set of trays where my front teeth are, I have 2 little "ramp" like pieces to bring my bite closer together. When I first got these trays in I had my lisp back and a lot a discomfort, I've been only wearing these trays for 10 days instead of a full 2 weeks. Finding these trays are giving me much pain than past ones, but I just say no pain no gain because pain means your teeth are moving where you want them to go.

Since getting these and sleeping with them has totally fixed me grinding my teeth or clenching, I'm not waking up with sore jaw or teeth. So I'm kinda excited when I'm done because I get a retainer to sleep in and painful mornings from clenching will be gone!! One thing I've noticed with these sets is trying to clean them, sith the extra ramp section all the grosness collects there and just need some extra care on brushing the gunk out.

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