Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Derma - E Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic


Now that I'm in my late 20s' noticing my skin isn't holding the moisture it uses to. Even with the regular moisturizer and using twice a day, it isn't helping my skin, by the end of the day, my skin is so dry and in some sections flakey. So I went on a search on the web and Cruelty-free boards and found some great suggestions and recommendations, Derma-E was a brand that I heard some great things since being CF. I totally see why now people rant/rave about this brand, it's so lovely don't get me wrong I've only used one product from them so far but wholly I've been missing out huge !!! I can't wait to try more products from them especially if they are anything like this product that I picked up. For a month straight now I've been using this product every other day now and wow my skin has never looked so hydrated and plump !!!


- 60 ml of product 
- Pump bottle
- Light weight doesn't feel heavy under your moisturizer 
- The blue line is all hydration ( easy color coding ) 
- Smells very nice 
- 100% vegan,
 - Cruelty-free,
 - Paraben-free, 
- Sulfate-free,
- Mineral oil-free, 
- Lanolin-free, 
- Gluten free, 
- GMO-free.
- Located if your in Canada Goodness me and Nature's Emporium and Fortino's. If your in the US you can order off their site. 


- Nothing I love this product and I can't wait to try more within the line.

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