Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The Body Shop - Aloe calming cream cleanser


I will be making a purchase with this product again once it's winter season here in Canada. Seeing that I don't drive I do a lot of riding my bike and walking and with the harsh weather, my skin took a beating this year from the cold and the dryness. This seemed to be the only face cleaner that was soothing for my already sensitive skin. Also with the combo with their vitamin E cream too, kept my skin from freaking out as well, this cleanser doesn't break you out it's that creamy/gentle. Have you tried this product out or anything from the aloe line?


- Calming especially wind burn from our winter
- Soothing and gentle  
- Sensitive skin approved didn't make my redness worse 
- Creamy/silky formula 
- Fragrance-free
- Alcohol-Free 
- No coloring and dyes' 
- 8 products ( Including the cleanser) in this Aloe line 
- Bottle is recyclable 
- Cruelty- Free 


- The cap gets a little messy 

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