Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Luna by Luna Highlight in Electra


I got this in my last March Ipsy bag and was excited to try it, it's such a pretty tone for us pale ladies! It's an indy brand because I've never seen it in Canada or heard of it before. This shade is so pretty just by itself and amazing in combo with creams and liquid highlights. Online it says you should use a packing brush to apply this product, but I just use my finger find that works best for me. I did try using a brush and I found I got a smoother finish and it didn't settle into my texture sections if I used my finger. To help this product after applying it with my fingers I will take my beauty blender and make sure the edges are blended well.If your looking for a great dupe for your beloved Benefit Watt's up or Sunbeam and you want it CF, check out this one I personlly find it very close. It's not as pinky as Sunbeam but it's very close, it's some where inbetween the 2 from Benefit.

- Goes on smoothy even being a baked formula
- Great pink/champagne shade
- If your looking for a great dupe for Benefits Sunbeam this seems to be very close
- Cruelty-Free
- Perfect for any skin tones even our darker ladies out there
- The glow you get with this stunning the pigmentation is crazy
- $ 23 online and you get about 0.1oz of product
- Lasts a long time on the skin without fading
- Doesn't settle in your poors or lines

- Nothing I love this highlighter

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