Thursday, 26 April 2018

Kaia Naturals - Deodorant booster +


Was at our natural beauty store that is family owned and is one of those hole in the wall shops. It's the only shop that we have that I know of that says Kaia Natural's if you follow Tashina over at Logical Harmony you know all about it. Logical Harmony was a big influence on me to check this product out, I've been a natural deodorant wearer now for about almost a full year now and glad I switched. This bar is a daily detox bar, the bar itself is charcoal based so it leaches all the bad stuff from your pits so it makes your natural deodorant work better. Mind you before I started the change I did the detox with apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay for a whole 2 weeks prior, which helped a lot. I do that now once every month for a good pull of toxins, but every other week I use this booster bar and it has helped, for the days where I personally think my smell is coming through.

Re-wind to the last couple of months I've noticed I was getting skin tags in my pits, never had them before till now. Then I did some research and they said apple cider vinegar and charcoal will help them disappear. It so happens this bar has both ingredients in it so decided to give it a go. I  used the bar on them every other day and they went away with no pain within a week and a bit. You use it just like normal bar soap wet it and spread it in the area that you need it and then let it sit for at least 5 min I normally shave my legs or do my leave in hair treatment.


-Works to help with the "smell" that you can sometimes get with neutral deodorant.
- Helps prevent and remove skin tags and ingrown hairs in your pits/surrounding area 
- Cruelty-Free 
- Comes on a nice rope so you can hang it on a hook in your shower ( insert all soap on a rope joke) 
- Good amount of product 
- Even my dad enjoyed this as well 


- It's pricey it's about $ 22 CAN in the store and online. 

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