Monday, 23 April 2018

Kaia Natural - Takesumi Detox ~ Juicy Bamboo


First hand got this as a travel size and personally have the option of a different deodorant in my morning routines. The suggestion of this product I got from Logical Harmony, Tashina swears by this company and product. I can see why it's a deodorant that works, it's a lot smoother than your traditional natural deodorant that has baking soda as an ingredient. I'm finding I'm a little sweater with this one but not smelly because it's got charcoal in it that helps pulls all the grossness and smell out of your pits. 


- Smooth texture 
- Smells delightful 
- You get a good amount of product
- Not pulling or dragging at your skin
- With the combo of the detox, bar helps combat the B.O smell.
- Great switch from my other deodorant that I have 
- Natural 
- Canadian 
- Cruelty-Free 


- The price is a little crazy it's about $22 CAN in-store and online 
- You have to be patient with this for it to work the way you want it to. 

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