Thursday, 12 April 2018

Invisalign story update #4


So here we are I'm already on tray 13 of my Invisalign journey. Let me tell you this set of trays are so TIGHT!, on my poor little teeth, it's more pressure than anything. Noticed with this set of trays my teeth and jaw hurt more longer than my past trays. Found myself taking more pain relief pills when I got back from the dentist appointments and before and after bedtime. I also got sick through between 14-15 trays. Let me tell you being sick and having trays in your mouth isn't rainbows and unicorns feeling, the days that were very bad I took my trays out just to give my body a break, didn't have them out for too long.  So my next visit to the dentist will be 16,17,18, I go to the Dentist every 2 weeks, when I go they track my teeth to see if they are moving how they want them or "tracking" too fast or slow. Sometimes they file my teeth down and make spaces for the teeth that are moving. They give me 3 packs of my trays and I go on my merry way it takes about 10 min in the office if I have any concerns or questions I can call at any time. Also, it works in my favor that the school I work in also is my Dentist grand-daughters school and I see them on a daily if I have any questions before going in. So far I've noticed a huge difference in my teeth and I am very happy, we will see what my next appointment is like.

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