Thursday, 8 February 2018

My product insight for this month - Teami !


I don't do this often at all but I made the decision to pick one up after seeing this on Shaaanxo Vlog  I've heard her speak of this product and their tea's before in other vlogs but with the demo she did and more info about the tumbler itself. I looked into myself and decided to pick one up myself. Because I enjoy loose tea but also hated the leaves in my beverage. 

So you're asking me what is Teami about well, it's company that makes detox and cleansing tea's and matcha and other goodies! Also they make this nifty tumbler that stops their or anyone's loose tea for getting in or near your mouth ( the part I really hated before buying this).

I had something similar in a glass version and it just wasn't working out and it was a poor design, so I wanted something little more user-friendly. So I bought one and I love it if you enjoy loose tea's and not just their brand of detox tea's it's great. It is super easy and it's a great looking tea tumbler.

One thing when I first used this was how long will it keep my tea hot, that's the only way I enjoy my tea. Well, I can brew a tumbler at 9:10 am when I get home from my first shift from work, and about around 10:30-11 I can maybe get through half of it comfortable that I'm not going to burn my whole mouth. 

My purple tumbler is 400ml. The tea was a Christmas gift from a friend

The tumbler has 5 parts to it: 

The outer tumbler with the logo on it
The inner layer  which the tea sits 
The strainer which keeps the tea leaves in and the tea though the mouth opening
Cap/mouth opening which is very comfortable when you drink from it 
The bottom comes off so you can add a tea bag or more loose leaf on the go. 

I'm sharing with you below my discount codes so you can enjoy this as much as I do : 

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