Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My go to makeup look


Lately it's been way to cold here and it's hard to think of a makeup look, when it's -18 and snowing at night. So lately I've been just looking at doing a natural look, also it's a little switch to my normal looks I do. I'm normally  do smoked out eyes and a bold lip, decided to go a little softer and feel like I've been leaning on the settle makeup with lashes to kill ( they are my own lashes ). Down below will be my products list. 

Brows : Annabelle tinted brow gel in light/medium 

Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion and my Melt Rust stack I used the last 3 shades.
As a transition color I used a the bronzing shade in the City Colour contour pallet 
Mascara is Tarte: Lights camera lashes 

Face: Urban Decay Naked Foundation in 1.5 
Wet N Wild blush in Mellow Wine 
Bronzer and Contour from City Colour pallet 
Pixi highlight 

Lips:  The  only product not  Cruelty Free is my medicated night ( I use it any time of the day )  lip balm by Polysporn. 

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