Sunday, 4 February 2018

Invisalign Story Update #2


If you missed my last 2 posts you can go check out it out and catch ya up to speed { First Story and Update #1 ]. Well, this past week was my 5th visit to the dentist for my Invisalign trays so now I'm on 10,11,12. For the trays 7,8,9 I also had a cleaning as well and for what they have told me my teeth and movements are where they like to see them. So with these trays 10-12, they said I'll see the biggest changes in my teeth movement. Also, my teeth have been in so much pain that, when I brought up taking Advil in the dentist office.They told me I shouldn't take Advil because they are battling with my bone movement, should be taking Tylenol instead which was good.

I've gotten better and taking them in and out and it really doens't bother me taking them out, or even when I'm out and about.  Also brushing my teeth in public doesn't bother me, if you can't get over somone brushing their teeth in a washroom than you can hide in the  stall. Brushing my teeth with Sensodyne ( not CF as I know of I'm waiting for a response ) specially when my teeth are bugging me it has helped my soreness a lot.  So far I'm liking my results and I can personally see them, specially my top teeth because I had a tooth that stuck out and no longer sticks out as far it's making it's way into the line. The bottom ones still need to keep moving, haven't notice a difference in those ones yet.

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