Tuesday, 27 February 2018

First impressions on MELT Cosmetics - Rust Stack


This brand has been on my list to try ever since I got into makeup. The brand that I'm talking about is MELT Cosmetics, who make the iconic stackable quads of makeup. When I heard they were having a deal on their site I had to jump to it. I always thought that for a quad it's a pretty cool concept that they all stack together and not taking to much space, like some pallets do with their bulky packaging. So I purchased their popular Rust stack which I have no shades or pallets close to it, also these shades are so interchangeable with other pallets I have.

I couldn't wait to try these once I got it in the mail, which so happened I got them on Friday so I could use it that night. My first thought on these was WOW little goes a long way and start off small and build up from there. With Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lids, because I'm an oily person there, these stayed on till I took it off with a wipe and wash my face. 

 The shades from lightest to darkest: 

CLASSIC - Soft vanilla shade that is matte, this shade was great to add to my inner corner and a transition shade.

ANTIQUE - This warm apricot shade is a great warm transition shade to help create a smoked out look. This shade reminds me a little of peach smoothie from Makeup Geek, an all around great transition shade to any neutral look.
RUBBISH - They have this online as a deijon mustard like shade, but I think it's a little more warm brown to be mustard whelm. This when it's blended is just a nice light warm shade with a hint of that mustard undertone. 
RUST - This shade let me tell you out of all of them, this one is my favourite. This red-brown more a brick brown is amazing and works so well with the other 2 shades to make a look and you could stop there.
ROTT - NOW LOOK AT THIS COLOR !!! this deep chocolate brown is stunning and will smoke out any look. It's very rich and I use small amounts and blend out and keep building it up, I work with it like I work with any black shadow. 
** Each stack of 4 comes with a little hand held mirror too

Pro's :

- Highly pigmented/little goes a long way on a brush, but easy work with
- Each pan has magnates so they stack together 
- All the shade names are on the bottom of their pans 
- They blend out so nicely with out to much work 
- Fall out is minimum or non at all/also clean up well with a wipe if needed
- You get 4 shades and 5th that has their logo on it is a little pocket mirror. 
- They are a very nice sized pan you get .10 oz of product.
- Cruelty Free 

Tie :

- There is some kick back but nothing bothers me at all. 

Con's :

- $58 US is a little pricy but I did purchase mine when they were having a sale. 

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