Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My skin concerns - Eczema


When it comes down to medicated products, there isn't much option for Cruelty-Free. I had to buy this and add it to my shower routine because my eczema has gotten really bad lately because it's so cold/dry here in Canada. I've had Eczema ever since I was a baby when I younger I need medicated cream from my doctor. Normally I use the body lotion of this product line on my patches and it works. Lately, my patches have been some bad that they are huge and red and itchy, they personally haven't been like that since I was teen. But this time just the cream isn't working, I needed something in the shower to help. I needed the double whammy, my flare-ups have never been this bad before.

These are some of my tips on trying to help your skin if you suffer from dry skin or eczema like me. 

1) Don't take really hot showers - The hot water takes hydration out of your skin and can actually make matters worse. This one is a hard one for me because I love hot showers. But I've been really trying to do warm showers since my bad flare up. 

2) Drink water ... no like be a fish and get as much water and you can drink in a day. This has gotten easier since I got my hands on  Hidrate Bottle  ever since that bottle I've drunk more water than I would ever have in the past. 

3) Don't itch especially if you have Eczema it makes it worse if you have cream on hand of any kind use that till you can get to your specialized eczema cream. Also if you have a tube of hydrocortisone cream will help you in a pinch especially if you want to keep a tube at the office. I keep a tube of it in my purse, I get patches on my hands and if I'm out and about it helps a lot well till I get home. 

4) Get a humidifier. Dry air can be stressful for your skin. You can pick up some good decent one at your home store or Walmart even. 

5) Body washes not just any kind but a mild one. I tend to get the Eczema targeted body washes there are tones on the market because they have properties will help you while you're in the shower. Also, baby wash works wonders too cruelty-free and natural are your best bet because the dyes and scents won't irritate your skin. 

6) Take an Antihistamine they will help I just pop my allergy pill or a Benadryl. 

7) Stay away from scratchy clothing and tight pieces, the looser the better. 

8) If it really bothering you PLEASE PLEASE go see your doctor, they will be able to give you medications or talk to you about a treatment plan. 

9) Moisturize like you never moisturized before, my 2 favourite ones for this are in the picture up top from Polysporn and Eucerin. They are both different in texture one is a cream/gel and the other is a thick cream. They both work so well I tend to like the Polysporn one in the summer, it's not as thick feeling. I switch it up too with just normal lotion as well the Hemp and Charity Pot from lush seem to calm my patches when I don't' want to use my medicated lotions. 

10) In the summer get out and get a little sun but first put on SPF !!! I find once it warms up and my skin gets a little sun, my patches aren't as noticeable and itchy. But I roll in sunblock I'm also photosensitive so that's another battle, but the sun just helps take the edge off I find. If your spending time in a pool use moisturizer once you get out and dried off because the chlorine will dry your skin out. 

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