Sunday, 21 January 2018

Kiss my face - Shave cream 4-1 in Green tea / bamboo


Switching over to Cruelty- Free means different views on products that you wouldn't even think of. One thing is finding alternatives for some is easy like shaving cream there are so many options out there, so when it came down to me finding one this was the one I turned too. Don't get me wrong I looked into so many others, but Kiss my face company has been around for a long time decided to start there. The one thing that I notice with switching was how close my shave was, and the condition of my skin after shaving. With my old traditional one, my skin would be very alligator-like and scaly but using this Kiss shave cream is soothing. Have you tried this brand of shaving cream, what is your favourite cruelty free shave cream?


- Moisturizing 4-1 ( Smooths, soothes, hydrates, and softness)
- Gives you a great close shave
- You don't get the bumps afterwards from shaving
- Pump format - one pump does one whole leg
- Comes in different scents 7 in total
- Cruelty-Free/ Vegan
- Very hydrating
- 11 oz bottle
- BPA free bottle and 25% is recycled plastic
- Vitamin E and olive oil moisture rich botanicals
- Can be bought any big grocery store or natural food store ( Whole foods or Goodness Me)
-  Paraben and phthalate free


- Sometimes the pump gets a little clogged

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