Monday, 15 January 2018

Andalou Natural - Meyer Lemon + C Face Cleanser


For you guys that know I've done the switch from Cruelty to animal products to Cruelty-Free, I made a goal before 2018 I'd be at least 98% C.F. So with some research I choose to go with Andalou Natural products, I asked before picking it up I contacted them to see what products they had were good for combination skin, this was line they pointed me in. Prior to using this cleanser the only thing from the company I'd used was their face masks, and I was very happy with the results of them.  The Meyer lemon vitamin C  cleanser is like a cream/milky texture, that only half a pump works very well for my sized face also little spreads out pretty good. The way it makes my skin feel after, I've never used anything like it before. It feels like you got everything off your face but not leaving your face at all tight or that too clean feeling.


- Does not leave my skin tight at all  but cleansed and clean feeling
- The bottle is slim that you can fit into your shower without a bulky bottle
- Milky texture that is very silky
- One or 1/2 pump does my whole face, also it's a very nice pump ( you know what I'm talking about)
- 15 products in the Brightening line, each line has its own color. (pink,green/blue,purple,orange)
- Normal / Combo skin
- Easy to find can be found at health food stores in big grocery stores
- Manuka honey and Vitamin C complex
- 6 oz of product
 - Since going to natural/ CF products, my redness on my face isn't noticeable or get badly irritated.
- Great for sun damage and hyper-pigmentation
- Fruit stem cell
- GMO Free
- Cruelty Free  ( Leaping bunny certified)
- Vegan
- 99% plant derived
- Gluten Free


- This one is just preference is the smell, it's citrusy but got a twist but you can't place the other sent. I just tell myself I have to get used to it.

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