Monday, 18 December 2017

Yes to - coconut face wipes value pack.


Got these because I buy the yes to cucumber travel wipes, and I love how those work getting off my makeup. So decided to try their other lines out and these coconut wipes work so well and smell good, and I hate the smell of coconut in general so it's great. They are really moisturizing and don't dry out your skin after using them. One thing I like about the big packs compared the smaller/travel size is they have a little plastic door to keep the moisture in, the others have that sticky flap that after a while just doesn't work as well. I got these to try mostly in our winter because the coconut range is for dry skin and I find that my skin just needs that little extra. When I use them my skin after is really soft and smooth. One huge bonus of these is they don't dry out your eye area and are very gentle in that area, unlike most wipes that can irritate that area badly. For all the products from Yes to I've tried I've not yet had a bad product from them, look forward to trying some more.


- They are gentle on your skin/eye area
- Smell decent ( I'm not a huge fan of coconut )
- 30 count normally you get a 25 count, travek size is about 10
- Little plastic door to keep towelets wet and not drying out your pack.
- Cruelty Free
- If you have redness to your face, it doesn't make it worse.


I find them hard to find in Canada, our Shoppers drug only has one little pannel wall and thats it.

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