Tuesday, 5 December 2017

My Invisalign story


I'm going to fill you in a little why I decided to get Invisalign, I've needed braces as a kid but never went through it. Fast forward to about 18 they thought my teeth would have enough room to move after I got my wisdom teeth removed. But after I had those removed my teeth were worse than when they were with them in my mouth. So here we are I'm 27 year's old and my latest check-up at the dentist wasn't so pleasant, they told me I had the early stages of gingivitis, they are thinking more along the lines it's hereditary for me I have good teeth brushing practices. Some of my pockets along my gums were stages 4's-5's and that is bad. So we decided to try to get my teeth aligned and give my teeth some more room, it will be easier to clean the hard spots. So after my cleaning was done I asked if I could speak to someone about getting braces but I wanted Invisalign and they were happy with my decision.

So these were my steps to where we are now, it can be the same or very different from my plan. Please keep in mind:

Step/ Stage 1 -> Talking with your Dentist because either you can stay at your dentist office or he will send you to a place where they do the Invisalign trays.  We went over the steps and walked me through what they needed to do starting with impressions of my teeth. You bite down on goop ( looks like silly putty ) and they do plaster molds of your teeth, along with 3x full head X-rays.

Stage/ Step 2 -> I needed some cavities filled and did more impressions after that, but they wanted those cavities to set for a whole month after.

Stage/Step 3 -> Going in and getting to sit down with my dentist to see a 3d computer model to see before and after's. This is also when they go over what other things you may get done, you may need elastics and brackets to help move your teeth along. The go over the package you get too in dentist language so your not confused, you take a package and your payment papers to look over and bring back. Also, I booked my appointment to come in and get the process started.

Stage/Step 4 -> Going to the dentist getting your button's attached to your teeth ( which are the little bumps on your teeth to hold on your trays). At this time too they filed some of my teeth down to make room when they start moving and shifting. This took along the lines of an hour, once they place the buttons they fit your first tray to your teeth.

Stage/Step 4 ½ -> After they are done with fitting your button's on your teeth and filing them down to make room. They show you what you get in your box, you get 2 holders chewies to help your aligners. They take the time and try to walk you through taking them off and on and how to clean them. Tell you how long you need to change your trays ( I go a week between trays), they give you 1,2,3 trays to go home with to start.

Stage/Step 5 -> They will make you another dentist appointment to see progress after trays 1-3. After that appointment, you will get trays 4-6.

That brings us to now so with the first week is hell, you will drool everywhere ( it's not pretty at all) You will have trouble's taking them in and out and get frustrated. Your teeth are tender and hurt a little but Advil helps a lot. Just takes some time getting into a routine, but it's simple now I'm in week 2. I've heard other's saying that they buttons cut open your mouth and you will get sores, but I didn't get any of that at all. I had bad cankers as a teen and I have scar tissue in my mouth because of them, I think that's why my mouth isn't as cut up as I heard others have been.

Things that you have to start doing in your routine ( it is a full change in your day) These are some of the changes and steps I do throughout my day. 

Making a travel kit to take with you is easy and simple, I use an old ipsy bag to hold mine in:
-- mini mouthwash
-- travel toothpaste and brush
-- floss or the floss picks
-- Keep a bottled water at hand because you can drink water with them in. You can't drink hot liquids because you will melt your trays when I'm out I only drink water. If I'm drinking alcohol I stuck to clear drinks but if it was rager I took my liners out.
-- My red extra Invisalign storage container and chewy

What I keep in my bathroom at home :

-- Baby washcloth - I place my liners on it so the extra water goes on the washcloth and not in my container or on my countertops.
-- My blue container so I can place my liners in when I'm eating or drinking tea.
-- My electric toothbrush and a manual one, find a manual one is easier to clean my trays, you can get the impression of the tray better with a brush. I've also thought on getting a baby toothbrush because it would fit a little better.

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