Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Invisalign update #1


If you missed my first blog about me getting my Invisalign go catch up over here. But since then I've been through 3 different trays ( liners), so far switching them has been simple every week. To keep up so I know when I need to switch them I just put a little reminder on my phone.

This was my first Dentist Appointment since I started 3 weeks ago. It was the fastest Dentist app I've had it was about 20 min. They had me leave in my old tray's to check with the mirror to see if everything was moving and lining up properly. Then they had me remove my old ones, and popped in my new trays. I had one tooth that needed to be shaved down a little to make room once they started to move again with the new set of trays. With this visit, I got trays 4,5,6. My Dentist was very happy with the results and how my teeth were moving or their lingo " tracking"  in the short amount of time already, they told me to continue with my plan on switching out my trays every week.

One thing that keeps my head at ease is if I can't make an appointment with the Dentist or something comes up. I can just leave my previous tray in it won't do me any harm, they said they rather have me have my old tray in or not one at all and waiting to come get new trays.

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