Thursday, 28 December 2017

Acure Brighting Face Scrub


One thing that I found easy to switch over to Cruelty-free was my skincare, the only thing I'm finding hard about it is what brand I want to try first.  There are so many options out that are cruelty-free/vegan, just like traditional some can be hit's/misses. But seeing this switch is totally new and going in blind with Cruelty- free/vegan brands had to do a little research I started with Acure. I was a brand that I heard good things about especially in their skincare line. So far this scrub is the only product I got from them so far but I have a list of others that I would like to check out.

Pro's :

- Argon oil and chlorella growth factor
- French green clay 
- Lemon peel granules
- Madonna lily extract 
- Very scrubby but not harsh, it kinda feels creamy too, totally different from other's I've used. 
- No effort to scrub it in your face, just use your fingertips. 
- The pea-sized amount does my whole face and neck little goes a long way.
- Cruelty-free and vegan
- Paraben-free
- Sulfate free
- 118ml/4oz of product for $9.99 US on their site and $13.99 CAN on ( if your looking on buying this off of well use my code 2017christmas) 

Con's : 


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