Saturday, 4 November 2017

Hidrate 2.0 water bottle


Well, we have all seen this water bottle on Facebook, so I gave in and bought one. I got one of those Hidrate spark 2.0 bottles the ones that glow and indicate if you're behind water intake.  I don't drink enough water to start with and I really wanted to see if this really helped me drink water. Why I bought this is I'm going to give you a little insight, I would have 2 teas in a day and not have anything else maybe a beverage with dinner but that's it and never throughout the day either.  Also for once don't have to manually put in my water intake in an app, this water bottle logs it as you drink out of it.  The settle glow is a great reminder to drink, even the little settle funny notifications too help a lot and a great motivator. So glad I bit the bullet and got this water bottle it has really help me drink my water, it has really got me into drinking water.


- Easy setup
- Easy App to figure out
- Easy to clean bottle lid and base are dishwasher safe, just pop out the sensor stick.
- No manual input of water but you can add water if your on the go and don't have your bottle with you.
- Comes with 1 extra batteries  ( they are easy to find in stores)
- Support and FAQ are amazing they are helpful with any questions you may need or need to find out.
- It is easy to fill line to where you need to fill your water too.
- The batteries lasted a while I got 3 1/2 months before I had to change them out, which I was really surprised by and very happy with.
- The bottle is very sleek design and fits nice in your hand isn't bulky
- If you know others with the bottle you can add them as friends and have a healthy competition to see who drinks the more water.

Tie : 

- The bottle is pricey but I just thought I'm not paying for the bottle, I'm paying for the sensor and the tech of the bottle.


- Runs on batteries wish it was rechargeable
- $15 CAN shipping fee

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