Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Nachos - Veggie style


I've been making these for years, my friend is veggie and he had me over for dinner and made this since then Iv' been hooked. To start I'm not a big meat eater to start, also love how you can control how much "meat" you're willing to put in. I can get normally 3 plates of nachos with one packet of Yves. I find it's also more filling than traditional nachos as well, and just as tasty. I tend to use the Tostitos' scoops, find they work better. I fill the bottom of the round part of a plate and that's all I use for my nachos it's the right amount.

What you will need for the "Meat filling" 

- Red/white onion
- Olive oil
- Yves veggie round in original or Mexican
- Taco seasoning, if you don't have a packet you can use Tex Mex seasoning.
- Little water
- Pan and wooden spoon

~ I use my toaster oven to get the chips warm so the cheese can melt. I have a warm setting on my toaster oven if you do to just find it simpler than just using a small cookie sheet in a big oven for one person. If you are going to use your oven just set your temperature to 200°F degrees or 230°F

Toppings { This is what I use}

- Lettuce ~ I shredded it in chunky ribbons
- Green onion ~ whites and green part
- Tomato ~ works well with cherry tomatoes too
- Cheddar cheese or you can use the cheese blends. * Or even vegan cheese
- Salsa
- Sour cream ~ I put it in a dish and use a knife to sour cream each chip. If you live in the States Daisy makes a squeezable sour cream, use that if you want sour cream all over the top.

Step 1: I start dicing some red or white onion and add that to the pan, then set aside. Prep all the other veggies and grate the cheese, I put it on a plate and put aside till I need to assemble your plate.

Step 2: Add your diced onion with a little oil in your pan. I cook that for a bit just before it becomes translucent. I do this all on low/medium heat, this stuff doesn't take long, you're just adding seasoning and warming it up.
Once the onions are somewhat clear you can add your "meat", I break it up in the pan in a dish I put a little water in a bowl then add my seasoning to it and add it to the pan.  If it's too dry still you can add a little more water you're going to have that on heat till the water evaporates.

Step 3: Once chips are warm and cheese on top is melted you can add your meat mixture on top, I tend to scatter it so I get all the chips covered with meat mixture.

Step 4: Assemble your nachos and enjoy, the biggest time of this dinner is prepping your toppings. I've also I've prepped my veggies beforehand than just heat the warm parts and assemble.

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