Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween looks 2017


This past weekend I did Halloween with my friends, we just went to our normal bars Friday/Saturday. But then this was the first time I went back to back days, so I had to figure out what I was going to be Friday night because Saturday I was a skull. So I decided to look like I was infected and did some veins under my eyes and go like that, it was the first time I did that and let me tell ya it's not easy. The veins took way longer to do than my skull look, the skull I've done before but this time I only did half my face and did glam on the other side. 

Sadly the only thing I didn't like about this was the white for my skull look, it's just fun cream paint from spirit and isn't C.F and a little of the black isn't too. If I'm doing this next year or in the future, I will be looking into SFx make-up that is. I have a baggy that is just Halloween makeup and it's only once a year really. But everything to set both makeup looks was C.F. 

Products' used for skull: 

White cream paint 
White/translucent powder 
Black cream or stick paint
Eyeliner I used eyeko 
Black eyeshadow (matte) I used Smashbox from a kit and my sleek pallet. 
Urban Decay limited edition lip pencil from the Wizard of Oz pallet 

For the veins looks: 

Sleek pallet in V2 mattes 
Wet N wild catsuit liquid lipstick
Smashbox pallet 
Grey press powder from spirit Halloween store. 
Beautybakerie liquid lipstick in cranberry stiletto for the detail in bite marks.

As you can see I tried so hard to be C.F but found it hard for certain makeup, I even looked to see what I could maybe switch out somethings but didn't give me the same effect I wanted with all C.F. I'm definitely going to try next Halloween to be full cruelty free though it may take some searching. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my little makeup inspiration, maybe you can do them this Tuesday on your self or little ones. 

Please have a fun and safe trick or treating !!! 

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