Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Let's get real - Some personal issues


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As women, there are things we don't talk PERIOD!! ( haha see what I did there lol ) We don't talk openly whats going on, and or the products we use or knowledge we can share with others. This post is going to get up right and personal about me and what I've been through. I'm going to share the past couple of years and months, it hasn't been a great time for me and now I think I've figured it all out finally. First off I'm going back to my early 20's, I was on anti-depressants for about 2 years and every month before my period I'd get a yeast infection. So with that, I was sick of dealing with those  I weened myself off my meds' and I've not been on them since and my yeast infection minimized. Mean while have been to the doctors several times and now we have kinda pinpointed that I've got a PH imbalance so using the PH feminine wash does help my situation. But as far as why I've been having so much issue that hasn't resolved and once and a while I would get a yeast infection that I'd be on heavy meds and just be down right pissed off.

So now I'm 27 years old and the past 5 months now I've had irritation and followed by a yeast infection maybe couple days passing. At this point since I was 20 I've had about 26, also to boot I get kidney stones so I get a UTI and Yeast infection right after that as well. So recently my last pap test was horrid because it always hurts, and I'm a delicate flower and I will bleed several days later but then my doctor has always said I've got more yeast than normal women would have we could never figure out why. So now I fall under the umbrella that I get chronic yeast infection that my body just produces more, it doesn't bother me till it gets disrupted by pap test or medications we are thinking my antidepressants just started the ball rolling of my issues.

So here we are now and I've been irritated by panty liners and pads/tampons. I would notice only from one brand that I think has been in everyone's house hold at some point in time Always, never had an issue till now. Did an experiment with another brand U- by Kotex and never had issues, then switched back and then by the end of the day always brand just drove me up the wall with irritation. I was so ticked especially with a brand I've always trusted, the things I know now about the company and the stuff they use in traditional liners is horrific. So recently I bought a Diva cup with a 2 reusable panty liners from, but I tried a panty liner just for every day. HOLY game changer they are so comfy and no irritation it took some time to get used to it, you save a bunch because you just wash them there isn't any waste.  I'm also excited to use the Diva Cup because you're not putting cotton ( that can contain harmful products )  that can loose fibers up in your business. If you guys want a review on the Diva Cup and review on the liners please let me know or my thought's.

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