Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Hask - Bamboo hair oil


With having thin/fine hair comes with frizz but I have to be careful what I stick on my hair. I'm very oily as it is and the wrong shampoo can even set it off. My friend suggested that I try an oil on my hair, and I was like fighting oil with oil mmmm why not. So I asked what one works well for her, she told me Moroccan oil but I don't have the budget for that stuff. So I went searching for things like it, I was chatting with another friend and she suggested the company Hask. I was aware of the company because I own one of their shampoo's and I love it. So I went to see if they had an oil for me and it turns out they did. So that night I decided to try it and let me tell you it is so nice in my hair, not heavy at all. I use not even a pea sized amount and run that through my ends only. My hair doesn't feel greasy or oily to the touch, just has a nice shine and looks healthy.


- Smells good
- Healthy look to your hair
- Cruelty Free
- Drug store/ Walmart  $2.46 CAN
-  18 ml of product
- Can be used wet/dry hair
- Alcohol Free
- No residue left behind
- Biotin and collagen infused


- Wish there was a stopper at the top of the little vile, you have to watch how much comes out.
- The little cap at the top does look like it's just going to pop off at any time.

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