Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Nivea Body Oil Q-10 complex


I got this complimentary from my Influenster summer vibe box so thank you for the opportunity. When i first got this and looked at it I was 50/50% if I was going to like it, not a fan of feeling oily. Let me tell you OMG I'm in love with this product it's a great skin prep before adding your lotion, or just using just the oil it's very moisturizing. The feeling that leaves my legs is just heavenly let alone with the rest of my body. I've been using this for 3 months now and noticed a difference in my skin texture. Never thought I'd like an oil because I always thought I'd be so greasy after, or it won't soak in enough into my skin. I do about 3-4 drops in my hand and than massage/rub it into my skin, and concentrate on spots where I think I need a little more moisture. This stuff absorbs in your skin so fast there isn't an issue on being greasy, but for my own piece of mind I do lock it in with some body lotion. I use this straight after I get out of the shower, just gives you that little spa feeling after also I find that it holds the moisture a little more.


Avocado oil 
Firming feeling within 2 weeks
200 ml of product
Feels great on your skin
absorbs nicely into your skin
no greasy feeling after 
Doesn't leave a residue on your skin
Drugstore /walmart
Leaves your skin super smooth 
3 shakes I find I got more than enough but sometimes 4 slips out 
Doesn't transfer to your cloths but I still let it soak in


Wish it came in a pump bottle and not a soy sauce shaker top 

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