Friday, 11 August 2017

My top 8 products that I always reach for


We all have those products that we always reach for, or those products we can't do our makeup with out in our collection. So I'm sharing with you my Top 8 products I always use to complete a look, rather it be no makeup day or I'm getting ready for the weekend out with the gals. These are my ride or dies and I know every time they will work and give me what I'm wanting in a makeup brand. 

1. Naked Skin Foundation 
2. UD Original  Naked pallet, or my Smashbox pallet 
3. Hoola Bronzer 
4. ELF HD setting loose powder
5. Marcelle Mascara 
6. Wet N Wild blush 
7. NYX Liquid Suedes lipsticks 
8. WATTS UP Hightlight 

I always find myself reaching for these, but I do tend to mix/match these with out products I have in my collection. These are my top 8 products that I know when I use it, it's going to give me the results I'm looking for. 

What are some of your favourite' you keep using 

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