Sunday, 6 August 2017

Marcelle - Miceller Gel makeup remover


I picked this up because heck it said NEW on it and I needed make up remover. I picked up the Marcelle 3-1 make up removing miceller gel. I love how gental Marcelle products are from their makeup all to their removing lines. I have sensitive skin and never had an issue with any of their stuff bugging or irritating my skin. Such a fun texture it's like a cool jelly texture than when your smear it on a cotton round, it's got the mirceller water felling it's very odd. I also love using it on a cotton round to clean up fall out, because of it's thicker texture on the round it picked up glitter/fall out like a breeze. Very gental that I've had too close to my eyes and they weren't irritated or bothered by the product. Sidenote ;  I had a scratch on my face and it was a doozy , it didn't sting at all just felt I got cold water in it. 
3-1 : waterproof , soothing and de-puffing 

How I use it :   I use the product on a cotton round,once I got a pea size amount in the middle. I use my finger to spread it out a little and make it even  than I apply it on my face. You can repeat if needed I normally just need 2 cotton rounds, to clean up what the first one left behind. 


- Gental for everyone 
- Alchol free
- Paraban free
- Oil free 
- hypoallergenic 100%
- Gets off everything from stubborn mascara to liquid lipsticks 
- No residues on your face or film
- It's a gel so traveling with it would be easier than liquid spilling in your bag
- Available at shoppers drug mart here in Canada 
- 100 ml 3.3oz of product 
- Proudly made in Canada 
- Recognized for skin health 
- Glutton Free


- I wish it came into a pump bottle or something different,than a squeeze tube. 
- Comes more like a blob wish there was a way you could spread it better, on a cotton round. 

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