Thursday, 17 August 2017

Having fashion colors in your hair !


So if you follow me on social media you would have noticed I went a little crazy with my hair! I decided to try out fashion colors for a wee bit of time, well or until I get bored with them. I decided to do magenta and purple to start with to see what I'd look like. Well, first hand I got my friend to bleach my hair and to help me with this process because she did go to hair school and I didn't' trust myself with bleach. But before I wanted to dye my whole head a bright color, decided to fade it in with my natural hair color like an ombre effect. Now that I know I can pull off neon/bright shades I'm going to dye my whole head bright purple. So I'm going to pass down some tips that helped me through these past weeks !!

The color I used was Color Ion Brights collection, I got mine at Sally's. The Bleach I used was the L'oreal Blue and a 20 volume.

- Pureology Color Fanatic multi-tasker protector spray it doesn't let sunlight damage to your hair.

-Dry shampoo will become your best friend invest in a good one, I used batiste and Garnier.

-Adding some left over hair dye to some conditioner, I use this when -I'm in the shower. After washing your hair I put this mixture on my head and go about shaving or what ever. Rinse out with cold water so it locks in the color.

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