Saturday, 26 August 2017

Armpit Detox - The switch to natural deodorant


I can't take full credit for this at all, I've always wanted to switch to the natural deodorant way. Think I really started to really think about it when my mom got sick with breast cancer, started to hear what harmful stuff is in your typical drug store. While on my hunt for a good brand of natural deodorant, came across a youtube video. It was a natural path explaining it's the benefits of detoxing your underarms. She couldn't take full credit for this either she recommends if you're looking for the detox recipe and the more in-depth knowledge on how it works. Then head over to and that's where I found everything and more about the whole natural world, let me tell you it's very overwhelming. With reading wellnessmama's blog totally decided to try her detox that she had laid out, let me tell you it actually works.  Also if you want to check out her whole blog it's pretty neat she has a lot of alternatives and discussions.

What you need :

1 tablespoon of Bentonite clay *
1 tsp of apple cider vinegar
1-2 tsp of water

* I found bentonite clay at my local natural store or you can find it online.

Step 1) Get a small jam jar that's what I used or glass bowl does not make this in a metal bowl or mix with a metal spoon.
Step 2 ) Spread even layer let it sit for 5-20 min let dry, start with 5 min every day each week I did it longer.
step 3) You may have some redness but it's ok it will go away

Been doing this for a week now and day 3 I noticed a huge difference, each day I got less smelly.

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