Thursday, 3 August 2017

3 shampoo's that actually work well in my hair


If you know from past post, I have a horrible time trying to find shampoo that works for my hair. I have thin and oily hair does't matter what I try it just is fine.  Also if I can get a day or 2 out of my hair with dry shampoo I'm shocked, I'm one that has to wash my hair everyday. The 3 shampoo's that I'm sharing with you are great because I can push that extra day with them. I can use these shampoo's and my hair won't be oily by the end of the day. Oh trust me I've used shampoo's in the morning and by 1-2 pm my hair is an oil slick and it keeps getting worse. Even a pony tail won't fix sometimes how oily my hair gets.

Garnier whole blends : This one is a good one for those days where I want to refresh my hair, tend to use this after from being in the pool. Just a great every day get all the gross out of your hair shampoo. I'm not to keen on the apple scent but how it makes my hair feel is why I love it, not stripped just right amount of clean. 

Hask Charcoal Purifying : Now this shampoo is amazing for taking product out of your hair. I tend to use it when I've done my hair curly, and wanting the hair spray out or any other styling product. The other time I use this heavy duty shampoo is when I've used dry shampoo, it's get out all the residues left behind. After using this shampoo my hair feels so clean and refreshed after, but not stripped or to over washed. The smell of this is by far my favourite as well too, it's lemon citrus scent and I love the smell of lemons! Totally tell when I use this my hair is clean, there isn't stuff left behind there isn't going to be build up, that I would have to deal with it later. Cruelty free as well. 

The Body Shop's Banana Shampoo : One thing is if I could have this shampoo in a different scent, I'd so run out and get it. The smell of this reminds me of the banana medicine you use to get when you were sick. If you can get past the smell the shampoo is one of the best higher-ended ones I've tried, and makes my hair so soft after too. If you have used Rehab by Lush it's a very close to that on how it makes my hair feel, and texture after. I don't have a Lush by me and the fact I found a dupe for a favourite of mine, I'll definitely take it the body shop is up the street from me. This to is cruelty free, so no little animals were at harm. 

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