Friday, 28 July 2017

Moving day blog series - Holy it's been a full year !!


WOW I can't believe I'm filling you all in on this but it's been a full year since we moved in our new home. Little back story we moved from a house to an apartment and trust me that's a transition, believe me it wasn't easy either. But now that's a full year we love it here it took some time, but we are starting to do a lot more in our area. We live right downtown where we are and everything is walking distance so that's a up side. It maybe takes me 15 min of walking to get to work, where before it would take me 25-30 min just to walk to and from. We are doing more in our building too, there are so many activities in our building we kid and joke that we live in a retirement place. Iv'e started to do adult colouring with the ladies in our 3 buildings on Wednesday at night, it's a great way to meet new people. Some other things that are in our building; 

Indoor pool that offers aqua-fit and swimming lessons for the kids in our building 
Activities  pretty much every day/night 
Pot luck dinners on the last friday of every month
Full work out  room 
and so much more....  

We are so happy as a family in our new home, it took some time and trying to figure out what works in our new space. So with being here a full year this series comes to an end, thank you for sharing my moving stories with you guys. 

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