Monday, 17 July 2017

Live Clean Sport Sunscreen in SPF 45


This stuff I wanted to try because I burn even in the Shade, and I wanted to try this stuff for something different. If it really helped me with not getting burnt by our sun,  than why not try a mineral sun screen. 

I put this to the test of 3 weeks at work and it worked good specially being out all day in the sun. The only thing I personally didn't like was how thick it was. I personally hate sunscreen I'd rather burn before putting it on my body ( can't stand it at all ) If your looking for a thinner formula I wouldn't recommend this, but even with the thickness I figured out how to work with it. This personally would be great for babies-early years of a toddler ( they do have a baby version) I say that because it puts a good barrier on the skin. As an adult didn't find that my oils broke it down along with my sweat, found it stood up a little longer than normal sunscreen for me. To be honest I would  recommend this to any one working outside, it would protect you a little more than the thinner versions out there or sport ones. 

Good things about this : 

- Makes a good barrier on your skin
- Last a long time with out your oils breaking it down
- If your sensitive to smell, this stuff has no smell to it
- Hypoallergenic 
- Non- nano 
- No synthetic chemicals 
- Naturally Plant Derived
- Water resistant 80 min in water/pool 
- Vegetarian Friendly 
- Never tested on animals 
- UVA/UVB protection
- Dermatologist tested 
- 113 g of product 
- Tube is recyclable 
- Would be good for workers outside 

This is all it's FREE from : 


Not so good : 

It takes a while to rub it into your skin.
It's on the thicker side goopy is a great word

The UGLY : 

- Because of it's thickness feels a little heavy on the skin
- Not so great SPF selection only comes in a 45 

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