Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Equate After Sun Moisturizer


One thing I'll say about this stuff is it's amazing when your burnt, but you don't have to be burnt to use this stuff. With being out all day in the sun or in a pool all day can dry your skin out huge, this stuff will help it balance back to normal it's a defiantly a great 2-1 product use. One thing with this product that was a true winner for me is it's not sticky like aloe. I find it's pointless when you put aloe on something that hurts, than everything sticks to it and it hurts even more. This stuff is so soothing on your skin, compared to its aloe counterpart. I'm also the person that hates the feeling of sun screen as well, I rather burn than put the stuff on to be honest. Which isn't the greatest mind set to have, so finding the perfect combination is key with me. I've not found that sunscreen that I actually like touching or putting it on my body it's a work in progress. But now that I found an after sun lotion that I actually don't mind using because it's not horrible it's a little happier me !! 


- Very creamy texture very buttery texture
- Smells amazing like the beach Lime/Coconut scented 
- You get a great amount of product 591ml 
- Comes with a pump 
- Not sticky like 100% Aloe does 
- You don't need to be sunburnt or toasty to use this in your skin care routine 
- Little goes a long way I use one pump for each leg and half a pump for my arms 
- Soothes your sunburnt skin so well 
- Aloe 
- Shea butter 
- Cocoa and mango butter 


- I love this stuff it's a great moisturizer 

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