Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Benefit Hight-Light Trio - Travel sizes


Hey ladies we all know we are in line at Sephora and waiting to be checked out, and all those minis something catches our eye this was the time I got suckered in. I saw these Benefit trio of their highlighters, and it was something I always wanted to try was their Sun-Beam and High-Beam. I've been a fan of their Watts up for years that just the little mini was an added bonus to my collection. Also who doesn't like cute mini's I find I'm a sucker for cute mini packaging. I love the formula of all of these, won't say anything bad about them !! If your looking for some nice natural looking highlights' than you should check out these little guys or even the full versions. 

High Beam - Is a dewy looking pearl pink highlight, that gives you a very natural glow. This stuff is great also to layer with as well. I tend to layer this one with powder highlight that are on the frostier side, just gives a great glow. Find this tends to get lost in my skin tone because it is a little to pinky but I can work with it !! 0.13oz

Sun Beam (golden bronze )  - This is a golden bronze very settle highlight, this shade gives you more of a settle sun kissed look to your high points.  This one I tend to wear or no makeup makeup days, its there and it catches the light but it's not WOW in your face highlight. Don't get me wrong you can build it up to that but I like the steeliness of this highlight. 0.13oz

Watts UP! - This champagne cream to powder highlight is still one of my favourites !! It's so natural looking till the light catches it than it's so stunning. You can build this up to what intensity you want it, it blends very well. I found applying this with my finger is the best way to apply it, just melts it in to your skin with out looking to blocky. This one I use a powder highlight with the same under tones, and it's a little blinding. 0.8 oz

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