Saturday, 22 July 2017

Becca and Chrissy Teigen ~ Glow Face pallet


Just saying thanks to Renee  and her blog giveaway that I had an opportunity on adding this to my collection.  So if you by pass on giveaways than you can be missing out, and you never know you can win some pretty good stuff !!

In this pallet you get 4 pans 2 highlights bronze and a blush, for what you get and how much per pan you get a lot of product. The case itself is quite heavy and durable perfect for traveling, you even got an amazing sized mirror to use.

The sample is of their First Light Primer 

Rose Gold: This one is not as shocking as the Hibiscus highlight, it's a little more natural when applied to the skin. I like personally using it for my nose and Cupid's bow looks a little more natural in those places than the other. I found out recently you can build this up to just as blinding as its partner in this pallet.

Malibu Soleil : This bronzer lets me tell ya first off I thought this shade was going to make me look muddy. But when I put it on and I do a little at al time to build it up, it sheers out to a nice shade don't feel muddy and looks muddy at all. I use it with a cool toned contour and it works just perfect in combination. 

Beach Nectar:  This coral/pink blush this shade is the perfect summer blush! Gave me the right amount of color on my cheeks with out looking like a clown. Which the clown looked crossed my mind when I first looked at it, but with a light hand this is a great wash of pink. 

Hibiscus Bloom: This highlight holy it is blinding, I use it on top of Sun Beam and I'm shining to the stars. Also by itself, this highlight is stunning especially if you want that blinding look, I've figured how to make it a little less blinding. If you want to dull it down I only use a little of my fan brush then blend and blend.

Pros :

- This is a great for all skin tones
- Great pan sizes on each product 
- Chrissy Teigen Collaboration all the shades are limit edition 
- Good sized mirror 
- Hard case will be decent for traveling  
- Nice and simple design on the front with Chrissy signature 


- Limited edition - Wish the bronzer and blush were a little bigger but I'm being picky 

Overall of this pallet, I think it's so worth it, you get 4 shades that Becca and Chrissy personally made for this limited edition. I just wish the shades would be sold separately because I would repurchase this once I'm fully done the pallet.

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