Monday, 31 July 2017

Live Clean Fresh Water Hydration Body Wash


Don't get me wrong I've tried tones of body washes over the years, and nothing has come close to how much I love this one and the company. I'm also very picky about body washes they have to give me the right foam and smoothness to my skin and this one does everything !! The one that I will highly recommend to everyone is the Live Clean body washes, I'm new to the product line, I've used their hand soap at friends houses but never bought any for myself. I was very impressed on how well the hand soap worked and how soft my hands were that I was willing to give their body wash a go, and so far I'm so happy with it. This is the most creamiest wash I've used and even leave your skin very silky smooth after, and it doesn't dry out your skin either which I love. Find most body washes are amazing than they start to dry out your skin on multiple washes after. 

What I personally love about this brand and this wash : 

  • Plant Derived 
  • Certified organic botanicals 
  • SLS, Paraban, Petrolatum, DEA, Silicone,Phthalate, Phosphate, Dye !!!! FREE !!!!!
  • Pure Vegan 
  • Never tested on animals 
  • Package is recyclable 
  • Bio-digratable  ingredients 
  • Eco-Friendly 


- Smells so amazing it's very fresh scent and it very light scented afterwards 
- Leaves your skin silky smooth 
- Creamy but foams up wonderful 
- You get a lot of product for the price 500ml/17 oz 
- $ 5.98 CAN 
- 7 formulas and scents to check out 
- 98% plant based product 


- I got personally nothing bad to say about this body wash or line 

I'm very happy with this product never thought I'd fall in love with a brand so much. Also you can't go wrong with the amount of product you get as well it's a huge bottle of product. Overall I can't beleive on how soft this made my skin and a better texture to boot as well !! 

Have you tried any of their products or body washes ? 

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