Friday, 21 July 2017

Garnier Fructis - Pure Clean ~ Dry Shampoo


Just got this this can to switch it up, I'm normally using Batist but I find that my hair needs a change. So I picked up this can to try, let me tell you it's so light and refreshing in your hair. Found it so wonderful during the hot  days of summer. It doesn't add that chalky feeling to your hair, like most dry shampoos leave behind. 


  • Silicone Free
  • The smell is amazing has citrus extract
  • Didn't give my hair a chalky feeling
  • Very light doesn't leave that dry shampoo residue at all or bad white cast
  • The spray on this is better than most dry shampoo's even Batiste has nothing on the spray, it gets your roots so well and even it's a game changer
  • Also it's a great texture spray too 


  • Wish it would soak up a little more oil, had to go in mid day and add a little more spray.

I'm very happy on how this products works in my hair, specially as a lighter alternative to some of those heavy feeling dry shampoo's. It did the job very well in my books specially if you're sticking your hair up, it just cut down the shinny look on the top of your head. One thing that I did enjoy this for was my bangs it took that nasty oily look right out of them.

Have you used this product before what was your thoughts on it?

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