Friday, 23 June 2017

Katie's Famous Stir-fry


We are now in summer weather here in Canada, who wants to cook a big meal and make the house hotter than it already is!! If you know my blog or my post's you know that I like to throw in some recipes, just to get away from the norm of doing beauty all the time. So I bring to you my famous stir-fry, it's easy and simple and you can get these veggies in a pre made container or individually.  Most grocery stores have those veggie packs for stir-fries or grilling those will be good, sometimes I buy the pack and add more stuff that I like. 


Snow Peas / Snap peas
Water Chestnuts
Mushrooms ( I like Cremini or normal white) 
Peppers ( Red or yellow )

Optional Veggies : Bean Sprouts 
                           Baby Corn 

Your choice of protein is up to you I like chicken, the best because it hold up better in left over's. Find with adding small pieces of beef / streak is it gets too dry and tough. 

The Sauce  

Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce 
Soy sauce ( we buy the reduced sodium one )
half a palm full of ground ginger
4 cloves of Garlic  I use a garlic press 
Good Pinch  of dry mustard 

In a measuring cup is easier to see how much, I  normally make the sauce go up 1/3 of a cup line, if you go over it's ok!! 

Prep Veggies: Cut big pieces down and wash veggies and open your can of water chestnuts and drain the liquid. I dice the mushrooms into 4's and cut zucchini in to thick half moons.

First Step :  Cook meat I do a little oil in the bottom of pan/wok, than add your protein of choice. Than I add some spoonfuls of sauce to the pan but not using all of it. If your doing tofu or steak I would add it part way through the veggies being cooked, so it will stay tender. 

Step 2:  Once Protein is cooked, you can add your veggies. I leave the mushrooms, zucchini and water chestnuts out and add them once the other veggies have a little time cooking. The other veggies are tender they go mushy way to fast and I rather have these not break down. 

Step 3: Add the sauce but remain 3 spoonfuls in the measuring cup. To the little bit in the measuring cup you going to add a little flour or cornstarch. Stir until its dissolved and than add that to your pot. I also sprinkle a little flour ontop and make sure you stir in everything very well so it can cook out. This part is key to your sauce to stick to the veggies, with the veggies and everything sweating out water it doesn't stick with out this step. 

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