Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Avons' Skin so Soft body was gel


Since we have been in the apartment we have the opportunity to get Avon, for the year we have been here we have maybe got a dozen books so far. Most of the catalogs my mom and I have purchased  something out of them. Our Avon seller is pretty good she does 3 dates where we can order things from her so you not in a rush.  In the Skin so Soft line in body washes they have 3 different types you can choose from, each has it's own skin concern.  

One thing I love about Avon is their promotions, they always have great deals. Rather it be buy one get one free or buy 2 and get another one for free. These in this booklet promotion is $2.99 CAN, so if you want to try them this month this is the time to do it. 

The Original ( green ribbon)*

 This scent of this brings me back as a child, my mom use to get bug-replant from them back in the day. The smell of this just brought everything back and I love it, it is a defiantly a different musky scent. 

- Lathers Great 
- Very Light weight 
-  Moisturizing 
- Works good also to shave your legs
- I do about a loonie size amount
- $6.00 CAN 

Radiant Moisture (yellow ribbon)* 

- Locks in the moisture 
- Skin is very soft even a few days after 
-  Find this a little thicker gel than the Original version
- Sweeter musky scent 
- Lathers very well with a small amount 
-$ 6.00 CAN

* They both have hooks on the top, so you can hang it up in the shower 

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