Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My experience threading and tinting my brows


Grab a snack and lets chat for a moment ...... 

Well this past Friday I decided to go out and treat myself, on getting my brows tinted and threaded for the very first time. Let me tell you my experience was amazing, and it's so much pleasant than getting your hair's waxed. Specially for me it was great because wax and just the pulling I have sensitive skin, so I go really red fast. Also they are finding out that too much waxing now isn't good to be around your eyes ( wrinkles !!!! ) Threading isn't new specially if you come from Asia or surrounding areas'  where it originated. But it is new to this part of  Western Word, and it's been hitting spa's and small beauty places like wild fire. 

The tinting process was simple just had to tell the lady what depth of shade I wanted to go, we decided to go 3x darker than what they were. We did that because of fading and such it would fade out nicely than just plane gone after 3-5 weeks. 

Before I got this done I heard so much that it would hurt, and it would hurt more than waxing them. This isn't the case didn't really find that it hurt more pinching effect. The part where I found that it was really intense was under the brow near my eye, it brought some lonely tears down my face. 

Left: picture is nothing in my brows Right : An hour after I got my brows done. 

Why I did this : 

As for the threading part, I wanted to do this for a while now but never came around to doing it. I wanted a professional to give me a base shape. Needed some help finding my own eyebrow shape, that would suit my features and face. For the tinting of my brows I was brunette/auburn with blonde eye brows. Back story though  I was blonde till about 5 and than my hair got darker as I got older. With out dye in my hair and I'm O-natural my hair is between dark dirty blonde/brunette. Also I was so sick of filling in my brows all the time, it was starting to get to me lol * twitch*. 

So since I got it done it's so easy to throw on some clear brow gel and go. Don't have to worry about drawing them on and making sure I got them even or one isn't to dark and so forth. 

Any beauty/spa stuff that you have tried for the first time?

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