Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My 2 favourite drugstore shampoo


If anyone knows in past post I've said I have the battle with my hair, it's always oily and I'm one that needs to wash my hair everyday. I am very lucky if I can get 1 day out of not washing my hair, the only time I don't have to wash my hair and I can maybe get 1 day is in the summer.  I'm going to treat it down for you my hair is so oily that if I wash my hair sometimes in the morning. Most times  by late afternoon my hair is greasy and has that feeling to it and sometimes you can clearly see the oil.

Garnier Whole Blend ~ Green Apple/Green Tea- 


- Paraben free
- Smells refreshing
- Lathers very good
- Makes your hair very shiny 
- $ 7.96 CAN  
- The green tea soothes your scalp 
- Can be found in Walmart and Shoppers 


~ I'm not a fan of the scent, not a big apple fan got sick of the scent. 

Hask - Charcoal with citrus oil - 


- Sulfate,Paraben, phthalates, gluten, alcohol and no dye free 
- Absolutely love this smell of this stuff, I love citrus things
- Makes your hair feel and look amazing after 
- $ 7.68 approx CAN 
- 13 shampoos'/Conditioners and masks to choose from 
- Some of the products have a deep mask and or oil for your hair in each line
- Can be found in Walmart and Shoppers 
- Good selection for each hair concern 


~ I got nothing bad to say about this shampoo 
~ Wish the store had more products from these guys, find it's hit and miss on 
what ones they have or in stalk.

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