Monday, 24 April 2017

My favourite Body Lotion


You are first probably thinking why Katie are you using baby lotion!! But let me tell you it's my favourite body lotion that I own. It's one lotion that I find that actually works on my skin, I don't like most lotions because of the residue they leave behind. This lotion soaks into your skin and doesn't leave anything behind on your skin.

Before people lace into me on using Johnson n Johnson and their  cruelty to animals. I'm going to get it out there I try my hardest to not use products that do harm to animals, in my beauty and health care. In Canada it's hard to find products that aren't expensive or you can physically find that is cruelty free and that is stated on the bottles. This is sadly my downfall if someone can give me the scent of this and the formula in a cruelty free formula I would use it hands down, but they don't so till I find it I will continue to use this. I also have to watch with lotions I have sensitive skin and eczema so have to watch what I use. But lately I've been trying to do some research on some products that I could possibly switch up.  If you have a switch for this one that is animal free testing please leave below seeing that I'm almost finished this bottle.  Sorry end of RANT!! 


Formula is moisturizing but thin 
Smells amazing 
Pump bottle 
Great for sensitive skin or eczema skin
798 ml of product 
Been around for 125 years 
#1 lotion in Hospitals 
Paraben free 
Easily to find in drug stores and baby stores 
Comes also in travel sizes 


Not Cruelty Free
Pump can get goopy

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