Tuesday, 18 April 2017



Well ladies this is long long long over due but I didn't really use much over the month, I tried to get something for you guys. If you have read my empties before I do a little mini review on each and I give it out of 5 if I would re-purchase it or if I truly liked the product myself.

Avon Skin So Soft -  This has been the best body wash most have either dried out my skin over time or I just get sick of the scent. This stuff has a slight scent and is very moisturizing to your skin, that I'm not using body lotion every day to help put moisture back into my skin. Also you get a great amount of product and it's normally on sale in a Avon book. 5/5 

Biolage RAW Shampoo -  I got as a sample and I'm glad I did before buying a bottle. Not sure if it was just the sample the sent me, but didnt' like this shampoo at all. I love biologe product from matrix they are a great salon brand but this stuff was a no go for me at all. 3/5 

Nivea All in one cleansing lotion -  This stuff would be good for traveling or if you were somewhere with out water. This product can be used with or with out water, I used it with both to see if there was difference. I couldn't find one if I wanted to it left my face so soft after using this, also very moisturized. If you know someone that is on the go or even great for camping go check this out!! 

Head and Shoulders Anti- Dandruff shampoo -  Life saver product right here with being in my late 20's now, apparently my dry skin on my head has decided to go for the worse. I use this mainly for dry scalp issues that sometimes leads into dandruff but rarely. Manly go with this shampoo once a week, in the winter time I was using it twice a week just to help with the dryness in the air. There something about this product also that I love the scent of it !!! 

Sample from The Body Shop ( Banana Shampoo) - OMG I loved this so much that I went back and bought a full bottle of this stuff. Never had my hair feel so amazing after a shampoo, that actually you can feel a difference in your hair after using this. Also who doesn't like the smell of banana's if you don't like banana's this shampoo isn't for you. Why because the shampoo has a strong banana smell, like it reminds me of smashed banana's for muffins smell.  But when you wash your hair with it you can't smell it or even after your hair doesn't smell like fruit!!! 

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