Sunday, 2 April 2017

Clinique ~ full of pep collection - Sephora beauty points


Would like to say thank you for sticking with me during the time I took off, but now I'm back and I got some new things for ya. I recently went to Sephora to pick up 1 thing and that was eye  shadow primer ( Urban Decay ) and I walked out with this from Clinique. It was technically free because I used some of points for it ( 500 pts,) and I'm so glad I have because I like everything in it. I've never used Clinique stuff really, I used their yellow bottle moisturizer but that's pretty much it from them I've tried. So thought I would give these products a go and for a brand I wouldn't first go to OMG they are amazing I love what they do for my skin. I did a little review on each product and gave it a rating out of 5 so let me know if you have used any of these yourself, or what products you wouldn't mind trying out for yourself.

2-1 Exfoliating Cleanser -  I wouldn't call it a true exfoliator because I've used a lot and I've used a lot that are more grainy than this one. I'd call it more of a polish but it's got a good amount of grit to it, that I found it to work very well. I've tried a lot of exfoliators specially from the drug store and I have my favourites and I can tell ya what works or not. Now that I've tried this I'm in love with it, never used a hybrid product like that and not make me break out or make my skin freak out.  5/5 

Eye Cream -  It's very light and is full of peptides to help you fight the signs of aging and stress. It's very light for a cream based product. The only thing I wish is the full size one has a metal tip, to help you disperse the product under your eyeballs. I wish the mini one had it too not saying it helps the product by any means just wish I could get the full effect with the applicator. The cream itself is amazing and very nice under your eyes, it helped with my application of makeup as well. 4/5

Hydroblur Moisturizer -  This stuff is the best cream I've used for my actual skin type. Its so wonderful on my skin, it helps my pores in my oily zone and keeps my dry spots hydrated. It's thick texture cream but when you put it on your face and rub it in, the heaviness goes away. Sinks into your skin wonderfully and is an amazing base under your foundation. 5/5

High Impact Mascara - This mascara is truly high impact that's for sure, it made my lashes so full looking. I'm a drug store mascara girl it's something I use everyday and not willing to shell out crazy amount, for something I know is hit and miss for high/mid range products. Luckily this mascara is a good one and works so well, would I buy it though probably not because you find the same thing in a drug store type. 4½/5

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