Monday, 6 March 2017

Real Techniques - Miracle Complexion Sponge 2 pk


I was waiting for this product to come to Canada for some time, and when I saw them in our local Walmart I knew I had to get some no questions asked. Normally I would just use those old school wedged makeup sponges, but they would only last maybe 2 makeup applications before they got nasty looking. Never thought at sponge could be such a huge part in my makeup routine, but this makes putting on foundation a breeze. I tend to use this more so when my brushes are dirty and they need a good deep clean ( I tend to wash my brushes monthly ) 

Found out the best way to use this just like the Beauty Blender is damp, haven't tried to use to dry think it would soak up too much product and be a waste. I have a 2 layer drying process thought, once I get it wet I roll it in a tissue and than wrap it in a towel. The barrier between the sponge and towel helps with absorbing of water, helps keep the makeup from transferring to my towels. So once I've dried it like that normally it's good to go and start doing my application of foundation. I do one pump of foundation on the round side of the blender and than I dot around my face. Once I look like I'm going to the army with war paint on my face, I blend it in find pouncing it works best either I use the side of the blender or the flat top. The pointed end is great for concealer it really gets in the places, where most brushes have issues or troubles or even the flat side too gets under your eyes perfectly. 

If your looking for a resonable beauty sponge or your not to sure if you are willing to spend, that money on a Beauty Blender. Check out this one or many new ones that recently just came into the Real Techniques site, haven't seen any other except the pack of 2 at my Walmart.  If you haven't tried this product before, I would recommend this to any one. 


- Come's in a 2 pack or a 4 pack
- Latex Free
- Pointed end is great for concealing and getting in and around spots where a brush cant
- Cleans up well
- Works better damp or on the dryer side
- Blends everything so air-brush like, multi surfaced to help with blending
- Bottom line it's AMZING !!
- The rounder side or the flat top is great for " pouncing " product into your skin

** I use this with Naked Skin Foundation in 1.5


- Staining
- Not being able to clean the middle of the sponge
- Last up to 1-3 months but I clean mine every other week so I'm sure you will get more if you really clean it well.

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