Thursday, 9 March 2017

Moving Blog # 10 - update


Hey there ladies or jets  haven't done one of these in a while, thought it was time to fill you guys in! If you're new to my posts I moved in the summer time, we as a family of 3 went from a house to an apartment ( if you have been following my posts than this isn't new ). So from the last moving post  I did we had Christmas and that was a change, and something new. 

After Christmas/New Years had settled we decided it was time to paint the walls, it was a good 3 weeks process on what colours we wanted to paint but we all figured it out. I have a friend that is a painter so it worked out seamlessly and he helped us out. It took 2 weeks for my friend to do the whole apartment but it looks great and now it actually feels like " Home ".  One thing I love about our new place is every Wednesday there is a adult colouring group, we meet at 7pm and colour in our books till 9. There normally is a full house around 6-15 people that come and just enjoy colouring and making new friends and sharing stories from their days or in the past. You can't say you are bored in our building there is so much in the area or in our building alone, it's your own fault if you are says my mom.

Once we moved into the apartment we decided that we shall go on a  family trip just the 3 of us, it's kinda a 2-1 trip. We are going as a family on vacation and my parents will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. The trick is I've never been on a plane before and the last time my parents were on a vacation was their honeymoon. So this trip should be interesting in July once I'm done work for the summer time, so I'm excited for that. I will be keeping you on more of the trip once it gets closer and I will do a couple posts on that as well.

Overall we are so happy where we picked and everything is so clean and everyone is so nice and kind. I have a question for all of you if you are living in an apartment like me, what are your balconies like we feel little overwhelmed what chairs and such.

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